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Co-operative bank launches the GoodHome mortgage ‘Property Hub’

Co-operative Bank has launched The GoodHome Mortgage Property Hub where clients can access bank-approved properties for residential and commercial use. This is a one-stop shop that will serve the twin purpose of giving developers financed by the bank a ready market for their properties, while at the same time giving buyers a wide range of properties to choose from.

Customers will access property solutions at both the physical office located at KUSCCO Center, Upperhill and virtually through The hub will also provide access to financing through the GoodHome Mortgage which is available in all major currencies to Kenyan Individuals, SMEs, Corporate companies and Co-operatives including those in the Diaspora.

Our team of experts have also developed a wide range of solutions for specialized groups such as landlords, contractors and Co-operative Societies in line with the affordable housing program which is one of the key pillars in the Government’s Big 4 agenda.

Co-operative Bank is one of the leading mortgage financiers in Kenya and has provided mortgage solutions since 2009. The property hub further enhances the bank’s capacity to serve all sectors of the real estate market, in line with its mission of providing innovative and relevant services to a wide range of retail and corporate customers.