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Business Mortgage and Construction Loans

We finance construction or renovation of residential or commercial properties.  These loans are granted for up to a maximum period of 20 years for single dwelling units and 10 years for residential commercial units.


  1. Competitive interest rates
  2. Affordable instalments with a repayment period of up to 20 years 
  3. We also give you a moratorium (grace period) of six months
  4. The house you purchase can be used as collateral and its rental income can be used to repay the loan


Copies of identification documents, that is, Memorandum and Articles of Association as well as a Certificate of Incorporation (for registered companies)

  1. Business Registration Certificate
  2. Identity cards for borrowers who do not have registered businesses  
  3. Identity cards for directors of registered companies and registered businesses
  4. Bank statements for 6 months
  5. Audited accounts for loans above Ksh 5 million
  6. Resolution to borrow (for registered companies) and details of business location
  7. Necessary approvals by City Council, the local authorities, NEMA and securities to be provided